GTC Supervisor Institute

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The Graduation to Certification Supervisor Institute was designed for supervisors working with novice interpreters in the GTC program. Using evidence-based learning principles from Make It Stick: The science of successful learning, the institute contains 11 modules focused on the following topics:  understanding the science of successful learning, Demand-Control Schema, Role-Space, Mentoring […]

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Immersion Events for Novice Interpreters

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Immersive learning experiences for novice interpreters provide opportunities for authentic, deliberate, and reflective practice. This resource from the Graduation to Certification (GTC) project from the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is divided in two parts.  The first section focuses on information for people planning an immersion. It gives some of the evidence behind why […]

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Deaf Perspectives on Translation

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These resources are designed to be used for an online course or workshop focused on Deaf interpreters developing translation skills.  Resources include an explanation of different approaches to translation, a specific process with opportunities to practice the process with English written texts that have existing ASL translations. This allows participants to compare their own translation […]

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Effective Learning and Practice

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These online modules contain videos and activities to support novice interpreters in understanding effective strategies for learning and practice.  The course introduces the concept of deliberate practice and how important it is for interpreters. Information and activities about deliberate practice is mixed in with information from Peter Brown, author of Make it Stick: […]

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Activities for Resilience and Reflection

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In supporting participants in the GTC cohort, the CATIE Center created weekly activities which included those focused on building novice interpreters’ ability to maintain composure during interpreting as well as to be more reflective in their practice.  This module is a collection of those activities that can be incorporated into other learning experiences.  

This […]

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Translation Strategies: ASL to English

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Translation is a skill that is important for both developing competency in interpreting as well as a skill that is needed in ongoing practice. This module provides support to novice interpreters in considering approaches to translating texts from ASL video to written English.  The resource includes both explanations of processes and the theories behind different […]

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Month-Long Plan on Fingerspelled Word Recognition, Classifiers and Composure

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This resource is a series of activities designed to demonstrate how a novice interpreter can create an individual development plan with the principle of mixed practice, a strategy shown by cognitive science research to be a strategy for successful learning.  These activities focus on three skills that are common growth areas for novice interpreters:

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Listen Well: Engaging Black Deaf Perspectives

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This is a collection of resources with Black Deaf Perspectives in both video and written formats.  Originally created in 2020 and updated in 2021, the CATIE Center collaborated with the Black Deaf Center to curate these resources to provide novice interpreters with an opportunity to engage with a variety of Black Deaf perspectives.  For updated […]

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GTC Individual Development Planning Resources

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This resource contains different versions of an Individual Development planning process for novice ASL-English interpreters to create a plan for their own professional development as part of the Graduation to Certification project.  There are also explanations in both English and ASL for how the process works.  The documents are available in a variety of forms […]

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Body Language: Interpreting about the Cardiovascular system for Deaf Interpreters

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“Body Language: Interpreting about the Cardiovascular System for Deaf Interpreters” process provides resources to practice and translation about the following topics:  blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysms, angiograms/angioplasty, atrial fibrillation, and the cardiovascular system as a whole.  For each topic, participants work on the following skills: doing a prediction activity to prepare to think about the […]

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