ASL Version of Description

The Graduation to Certification Supervisor Institute was designed for supervisors working with novice interpreters in the GTC program. Using evidence-based learning principles from Make It Stick: The science of successful learning, the institute contains 11 modules focused on the following topics:  understanding the science of successful learning, Demand-Control Schema, Role-Space, Mentoring stages, mentoring in action, rapport building, direction setting, progress-making, and winding down/moving on.  The institute is an “as is” offering from the 2021 course with recommendations for revisions. 

An archive of an online training provided by the Graduation to Certification program, this course provides support for people who plan to supervise or mentor novice ASL-English interpreters.  Offered in 2021, there are recommendations for revision for anyone who wishes to use the activities and resources in these modules.   Using evidence-based learning principles, the institute contains 11 modules focused on the following topics: 

  • the science of successful learning as explained in the book Make It Stick;
  • Demand-Control Schema developed by Robyn Dean and Robert Pollard;
  • the concept of Role-Space developed by Robert G. Lee and Peter Llewellyn; and
  • the stages of mentoring:
    • rapport building
    • direction setting
    • progress-making, and
    • winding down/moving on.