Deaf Interpreter Resources Index

Interactive Interpreting Practice Library

These videos were originally Zoom conversation practice sessions for interpreters. They were re-edited and re-purposed to become more generic interactive practice sessions.

While they do not include hearing interpreters on screen, they are subtitled for DI practice, and can also be used for HI/DI teams practicing together.

Complete Scenarios

These videos are for practicing real-world scenarios – doctor’s office visits, employee training, the Social Security office, and so on. They include videos with and without the CDI in the video, so that Deaf interpreters can practice, and they can watch a model.

There are also some videos that include pre-assignment discussion, post-assignment discussion, and/or instructions.

Professional Development Topics

These modules range from professional development topics (ethics, translation, professionalism) to open and honest conversations between Deaf interpreters on things that impact their work (horizontal violence, racism).