DIVE IN: Building skills & confidence in Interpreting

Dive In Cohort Application

For Coda and Hearing Interpreters

Application Closed

Available 10/3-10/31, 2022

Are you new to the interpreting field, working toward credentials, striving to be a reflective practitioner and ready to make a commitment to your professional development?  If the answer is yes, here’s an opportunity to “dive in.”

One of the CATIE Center’s latest projects is Dive In: Building Skills and Confidence in Interpreting. The project aims to support novice interpreters who identify a specific goal, such as certification (i.e., CDI, NIC, BEI),  state licensure, or passing an agency screening, and commit to working to achieve that goal. We will have two cohorts:  Deaf Interpreters and Coda/Hearing interpreters.  These cohorts will collaborate at times throughout the program.

The program can be completed through Canvas and Zoom with synchronous and asynchronous activities.

This program is designed for novice interpreters meaning someone who has graduated from an interpreting program or entered the field via an alternative path, has ASL & English proficiency, and is working toward certification or licensure. (If you do not meet these requirements, the CATIE Center will review requests for consideration on a case by case basis with input from our project officer at the Department of Education – Rehabilitation Services Administration).

Application Process

Complete the Google Form and 5 activities in a Canvas course by October 31 at 5:00 pm CDT. The Google Form will provide you with more information on how to access the Canvas course and complete the activities.

Coda/Hearing Interpreters

  • ASL Essay
  • English Essay
  • Interpretation – ASL to English
  • Interpretation – English to ASL
  • Reflection on one of the interpretations

To be a part of the Dive In cohort, you need to commit to the following:

  • Spending 8-10 hours on weekly practice activities, engagement with mentors, coaches, and peers
  • Completing weekly activities including interpreting practice and reflection in Canvas learning management system.
  • Reserving Thursday evenings for Dive In activities from February 2- May 25
  • Communicating regularly with your assigned professional coach (Via zoom, email, text)
  • Attending at least 10 of 12 mentoring sessions
  • Attending 4 days of all-day immersion (March 17-18 & April 14-15)
  • Developing your own Individual Development Plan (IDP) with support from your  professional coach
  • Implementing your IDP  during the summer with support from CATIE Center
  • December 15 – January 30~Begin Assessments Process:  Schedule and take the ASL Assessment (ASLA) and complete an interpretation to be used for a diagnostic assessment.
  • February 2 Program Orientation:  We will offer two program orientations on  February 2 between 5:00-8:00 pm CST.
  • February 4 – March 10~Community building and Assessment Phase:  In addition to taking part in community building, you will also meet (via Zoom) with your  interpreting coach to review your ASLA and interpreting diagnostic assessment.  ,
  • March 15 – April 15~ Online Immersion Phase:  On March 17-18 and April 14-15, 2023, we will have all-day online immersion experiences. You will have preparatory activities leading up to and between the two Friday/Saturday sessions.  Through a combination of synchronous activities on Zoom and asynchronous activities in GoReact and Canvas Learning Management System, you will have the opportunity to build your language skills and knowledge, practice interpreting, self-assess your interpreting work, and debrief with mentors.
  • Mentoring: You will be part of small group and 1:1 mentoring with 12 sessions focused on language and interpreting skills. Mentoring will run from February into May and sessions will last between 60-90 minutes and take place on Thursday evening between 5-8 pm CT.
  • April 16-May 26~Planning Phase: Based on your language and interpreting assessments and discussions with your coach, you will create an Individual Development Plan to work toward your goals. The CATIE Center will help you identify potential existing programs that can add to the support and experience you need.
  • May 30-August 31~ Implementation Phase:  You will carry out your individual development plan with continued support from the CATIE Center.

The CATIE Center anticipates accepting 20 participants in our cohorts. For those who are not accepted, you are encouraged to take part in the offerings for our self-directed track, Stepping Stones for Novice Interpreters.

There are no costs to be a part of the Dive In cohort. All of the required activities and resources will be available online with flexibility in timing. We encourage interpreters, Deaf, Coda, and hearing, from diverse backgrounds to apply.