Stepping Stones for Novice InterpretersDesigned for self-starters, Stepping Stones for Novice Interpreters is a self-directed track designed to support people seeking credentials as they enter the field of interpreting.  Courses will be provided in Canvas Learning Management system.   Beta versions are being developed and will be released throughout the second year of our Grant (October 2022 – September 2023)

Here is our tentative timeline of offerings.


October – Nov 30 Step by Step: Effective Skill-Focused Practice for Novice Interpreters In this course, you’ll learn about characteristics of effective skill-focused practice, do a self-check activity designed to help you identify areas for improvement related to effective practice, and then dive deeper into materials and activities designed to help you improve your practice skills & habits.   
Nov 14-
Jan 17
Ethical Decision Making for Novice Interpreters  This course is designed for ASL interpreters, Deaf and hearing, and has been created for two main purposes:  1) to prepare you for taking an ethical interpreting exam and 2) to achieve a broader view of ethics to guide your decisions on the job.  This course is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to encourage curiosity about ethics and deepen your understanding and application of ethical decision-making.  One of the benefits of taking a closer look at ethics is that some of the frameworks can help you analyze the nuances of interpreting. It is our hope that you will come away from the modules in this course with an ability to apply these concepts in your real life work and on an ethics exam.
Nov 21 – Jan 31  Preparing for Interpreter Performance Exams This self-directed course was developed for interpreters preparing to take professional performance exams or screenings and to provide resources and tools for reflection and practice. Participants will have the opportunity to self-assess interpreting samples, reflect on performance and readiness, and apply specific practice and preparation strategies. Course contains guidance and resources to support ongoing development and preparation.
January 20 – March 15, 2023 Language at Work: Deliberate Practice for Novice Interpreters   Build your ASL and interpreting knowledge and skills for a variety of work settings! Interpreters work in a variety of employment settings. The way language is used will vary depending on the setting and the people involved. This online course is designed to give novice interpreters opportunities to review possible frameworks for approaching interpreting, with practical applications to work settings.
February 20-April 15, 2023 Interpreting in Video Remote Settings for Novice Interpreters This course introduces interpreters to the work of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Details for equipment setup and software functionality are discussed, followed by an introduction to the Role-Space Model framework. Using the Role-Space Model, participants will analyze decisions made in a recorded VRI session and then have the opportunity to practice in the same mock situation. The course emphasizes reflective practice and peer discussion.
March Reflective Self-Assessment for Novice Interpreters This course is designed to encourage thoughtful work production as well as ongoing reflection and evaluation of factors influencing interpreting decisions. Participants in this course will each begin by individually interpreting a source text. They will then examine the interpretation they created and reflect upon their work using categories adapted from the Interpreting Performance Assessment Rubric (TIEM Center). The Interpreting Performance Assessment Rubric supports unpacking multiple aspects of the interpretation, not just language fluency or vocabulary choices.  This course takes an additional step in examining interpretation and reflection by sharing the interpretations of this same source text by a group of expert interpreters who, similarly to this course format, had opportunities to reflect upon their work. Finally, participants can apply their discoveries to a personal professional development plan, including application of the reflective practice to other interpreting samples.
April Interpreting in the Outdoors Coming Soon
May Interpreting Job Interviews Coming Soon
June Dealing with Microaggressions for Novice Interpreters Coming Soon