ASL Version of Description

This resource contains different versions of an Individual Development planning process for novice ASL-English interpreters to create a plan for their own professional development as part of the Graduation to Certification project.  There are also explanations in both English and ASL for how the process works.  The documents are available in a variety of forms including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and Word and contained within Canvas Commons which allows you to view a preview and download a common cartridge file that can be transferred to any learning management system, such as Moodle, D2L, or Blackboard. 

This Individual Development Planning (IDP) process was developed for novice interpreters in the Graduation to Certification program as part of an Experiential Learning Model Demonstration Center for Novice Interpreters.  The IDP process includes three options. The first is a spreadsheet that supports novice interpreters in creating SMART goals using the major features of interpretations identified by Taylor (2002,2017).   The second version provides a model of a month-long plan with varied practice on different skills, drawing on research into the science of successful learning (Brown, Roediger, & McDaniel,2014).   This resource includes ASL and English explanation of how goal setting and a development plan fits in with mentoring relationships. Designed in the Canvas Learning Management System, the IDP materials include MS Word and Excel versions, Google Docs and Sheet versions, as well as PDFs.   The documents are included in a Zip file with a Common Cartridge format meaning it can be downloaded and transferred to any Learning Management System.   References:  Brown, P. C., Roediger, H. L. III, & McDaniel, M. A. (2014). Make it stick: The science of successful learning. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Taylor, M. (2017) Interpretation Skills: English to American Sign Language.  Edmonton: Interpreting Consolidated.  Taylor, M. (2002) Interpretation Skills: American Sign Language to English. Edmonton: Interpreting Consolidated.