Stepping Stones for Novice Interpreters

The CATIE Center is developing a self-directed track for novice interpreters that is open to anyone. Designed for novice interpreters, you can earn a certificate of completion with each of the courses.

Available in June:

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Dive In - Building Skills & Confidence in Interpreting

One of the CATIE Center’s latest projects is Dive In: Building Skills and Confidence in Interpreting. The project aims to support novice interpreters who identify a specific goal, such as certification (i.e., CDI, NIC, BEI),  state licensure, or passing an agency screening, and commit to working to achieve that goal.

Application now closed.   Click here for more information on the process.

More Programs for Novice Interpreters

The Dive In program is working on collecting opportunities for novice interpreters to build their skills.  If you are a novice interpreter, you can check out what programs we have identified so far.  If you are an agency and have an on-boarding or induction program for new interpreters, we would love to help you promote this opportunity.

For Novice Interpreters

General Information about the Dive In Project

Does entering the interpreting profession feel like standing on the edge of the deep end of a pool? Are you excited to enter the water yet unsure how to take the plunge? If you answer yes to either or both of those questions, you will want to check out the CATIE Center’s new program, Dive In, which is designed to support novice interpreters in building skills and confidence in interpreting.

The Dive In project will be supporting both Deaf and hearing novice interpreters as you work to gain the credentials you need to take the next step in your career. Whether you are working toward earning CDI, NIC or BEI certification, obtaining state licensure, or passing an agency screening, the Dive In project will offer you support in your efforts.

The Dive In project includes:

  • A national survey identifying programs supporting novice interpreters entering into interpreting in the community and the creation of a searchable database for novice interpreters to be able to find a program that fits for them.
  • The creation of a self-directed set of online modules and experiences with support from the CATIE Center. These modules will be free, open to all, and support the development of skills needed to provide quality interpreting services in vocational rehabilitation as well as additional settings. Included in this will be the option to get a GoReact license to use for self-analysis and peer dialogue.  These modules will be available starting in Fall of 2022 and we are excited to be able to offer support to a wide range of novice interpreters. It doesn’t matter when (or if) you graduated from an interpreter education program, what goal you are working toward, or where you live, this program will be available to support you.
  • A pilot cohort of 20 novice interpreters from Georgia, Massachusetts, and Minnesota to go through a three phase program of assessment, professional development planning, and implementation of the plan.  This application will be in coordination with the CATIE Center’s partners in these states and will be open April 1 with a start date for the cohort of June 1. After the pilot process, we will assess how widely we can open up the application to other regions.  

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Resources from the Graduation to Certification Project

The Graduation to Certification Projected, facilitated by the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University, wrapped up on December 31, 2021. We supported novice interpreters in beginning their journey as professionals working toward certification. We learned much about what works and what doesn’t work and will be sharing our findings in the coming months. We also created a number of resources available for sharing with interpreter education programs, interpreting agencies, and others who are working to support novice interpreters entering the field.

Please check out to view all of our video resources and learning materials. These are all free for you to use and download if you desire.  You may use these materials as they are or adapt them for your use in your own Learning Management System. We ask that you include CATIE Center citation for what you use. If you have any questions, please reach out to  Thank you for your interest in these materials and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you in our future projects and programs.

A collection of 4 different Zoom conversations featuring deaf and hearing people engaged in conversation.

Check out the GTC Interactive Interpreting Practice Video Library with 80 videos designed for novice interpreting practice.