Advice from WHO – Translation Practice for DIs

Translation Practice for Deaf Interpreters

This activity is designed for Deaf Interpreters to practice their translation skills.

Advice for the public: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Step 1:  Translate the Source Text

Create an ASL translation of the source text.  If possible, record your translation so you can review and reflect on your work.

Step 2: Assess and Reflect on your Work

Use the following […]

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A Conversation on Role-Space and Translation

Naomi Sheneman facilitates a conversation on the role-space model with Robert G. Lee and Eileen Forestal and its relevance for Deaf interpreters and translators.

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Deaf Perspectives on Translation

ASL Version of Description

These resources are designed to be used for an online course or workshop focused on Deaf interpreters developing translation skills.  Resources include an explanation of different approaches to translation, a specific process with opportunities to practice the process with English written texts that have existing ASL translations. This allows participants to compare their own translation […]

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Translation Strategies: ASL to English

ASL Version of Description

Translation is a skill that is important for both developing competency in interpreting as well as a skill that is needed in ongoing practice. This module provides support to novice interpreters in considering approaches to translating texts from ASL video to written English.  The resource includes both explanations of processes and the theories behind different […]

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Body Language: Talking about the Cardiovascular system in ASL for Hearing Interpreters

Description in ASL

“Body Language: Talking about the Cardiovascular System in ASL for Hearing Interpreters” process provides resources to learn about the following topics:  blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysms, angiograms/angioplasty, atrial fibrillation, and the cardiovascular system as a whole.  Resources are provided in written English with diagrams as well as ASL sample explanations.  Participants use a three-step process to […]

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A Discussion on Translation Process for JASLL

Dr. Naomi Sheneman facilitated a conversation with Dr. Raychelle Harris and Benj Swindle about the process of translating an English article for the Journal of American Sign Languages & Literatures (JASLL.) You can view the conversation above. You can also review the source text and translations below.

Visual Description

The video above features three individuals having a conversation on Zoom.  In the beginning and end, […]

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