Translation Practice for Deaf Interpreters

This activity is designed for Deaf Interpreters to practice their translation skills.

Why is Mental Health important?

Step 1:  Translate the Source Text

Create an ASL translation of the source text.  If possible, record your translation so you can review and reflect on your work.

Step 2: Assess and Reflect on your Work

Use the following questions to reflect on your work:

  • What was the target audience you had in mind for your translation?
  • What did you see as the intent of the source text?
  • What sections of the text did you find challenging to translate?
  • What questions do you hope to have answered by watching the sample translations of other Deaf interpreters?

Step 3: Review Sample Translations

Translation by Topher Ávila Translation by Chelsea Lee

Click here to view the sample translation.

Click here to view the sample translation.

Step 4: Re-Translate the Text

Incorporate what you learned from reflection and reviewing the sample translations from other Deaf interpreters. Create another translation.

Step 5:  Reflect on the Process

  • What did you learn from going through this process?
  • What changes did you make the second time you translated the text?
  • How were you able to adapt your translation to fit the needs of the target audience you had in mind?
  • What other questions or thoughts do you have?