Immersion Events for Novice Interpreters

ASL Version of Description

Immersive learning experiences for novice interpreters provide opportunities for authentic, deliberate, and reflective practice. This resource from the Graduation to Certification (GTC) project from the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is divided in two parts.  The first section focuses on information for people planning an immersion. It gives some of the evidence behind why […]

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Month-Long Plan on Fingerspelled Word Recognition, Classifiers and Composure

ASL Version of Description

This resource is a series of activities designed to demonstrate how a novice interpreter can create an individual development plan with the principle of mixed practice, a strategy shown by cognitive science research to be a strategy for successful learning.  These activities focus on three skills that are common growth areas for novice interpreters:

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Body Language: Interpreting about the Cardiovascular system for Deaf Interpreters

ASL Version of Description

“Body Language: Interpreting about the Cardiovascular System for Deaf Interpreters” process provides resources to practice and translation about the following topics:  blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysms, angiograms/angioplasty, atrial fibrillation, and the cardiovascular system as a whole.  For each topic, participants work on the following skills: doing a prediction activity to prepare to think about the […]

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Body Language: Talking about the Cardiovascular system in ASL for Hearing Interpreters

Description in ASL

“Body Language: Talking about the Cardiovascular System in ASL for Hearing Interpreters” process provides resources to learn about the following topics:  blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysms, angiograms/angioplasty, atrial fibrillation, and the cardiovascular system as a whole.  Resources are provided in written English with diagrams as well as ASL sample explanations.  Participants use a three-step process to […]

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Analyzing “Science News in ASL: Ball Lightning”

  • 0:28 – a storm brewing
  • 0:37 – driving a vehicle
  • 0:40 – a vehicle traveling
  • 0:43 – driving a vehicle
  • 0:46 – the sun setting
  • 0:48 – lightning striking
  • 0:49 – driving a vehicle
  • 0:50 – a hilly field of cattle
  • 0:56 – driving a vehicle
  • 0:57 – looking in the distance
  • 0:59 – an object (the ball lightning) floating in the air
  • 1:01 – driving a vehicle
  • […]

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How the Pupil Works

In this video, Angela explains how the pupil works. This video is an opportunity to practice two skills:

  1. Practice 3 specific features of ASL (ASL grammar, non-manual markers, and classifiers)
  2. Practice how to identify features using Marty Taylor’s book, Interpretation Skills; English to American Sign Language  (find the link to where to buy the book here)

Image  [...]

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Free Body Language Course on the Digestive System

Screen shot of home page for module - with images of healthcare lattice, stomach, colon, and digestive systemBody language is a critical skill when it comes to communicating in almost any language.  For novice interpreters, the CATIE Center is excited to offer a GTC Journey Track version of a course designed for you to take your skills to the […]

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A Talk About Fly Fishing

A white man with curly brown hair and a mustache wearing a blue collared shirt sits in front of a dark blue background. An open cation reads Something like a Disco BarIn this video, Bob Johnson explains about how art, technology, and natural history are combined in his favorite avocation, fly fishing.

To begin, click on Step 1 toggle below.

This video […]

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ASL Monologues – 1992

The above video is from the original VHS produced by Gallaudet University .  There is no interpretation with this video.    This video contains seven monologues:

  • Deaf Dropouts from Mainstream Programs – 18:30
  • Teaching English to Deaf Students – 4:30
  • Gallaudet’s Office of Student Life – 11:00
  • Biking Across America -11:00
  • A High School Experience with Outward Bound – 16:00
  • Extracurricular Support of Academics […]
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Practicing Constructed Action through Construction Tips

View looks up through steel girders of a building under construction to blue sky

Practice your use of constructed action and classifiers in this activity. Lurendran explains some tips for lifting heavy objects he learned while working construction.

You will start with a written summary of his text, create an ASL version of that, then view his original text and incorporate his descriptions […]

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