Screen shot of home page for module - with images of healthcare lattice, stomach, colon, and digestive systemBody language is a critical skill when it comes to communicating in almost any language.  For novice interpreters, the CATIE Center is excited to offer a GTC Journey Track version of a course designed for you to take your skills to the next level in talking about the human body.  

Body Language:  No More Digestive Distress is a free Canvas course designed to help you improve your ability to talk about the digestive system in American Sign Language.  Featuring work from Nigel Howard, a CDI and educator with broad experience in healthcare settings, this learning opportunity provides you a chance to build a foundation for considering work as an interpreter in healthcare settings in the future.  

In this course, you’ll get the chance to build your skills talking about:

  • GERD/Acid Reflux
  • Colonoscopy
  • The digestive system
  • Interpreting an academic lecture

Optional GoReact

If you are a part of the GTC Journey Track GoReact course, you will be able to use GoReact to look at your own work – and if you have a partnership with others, you can support each other. Click here to learn more about this option.

Certificate of Completion & CEUs

This course is being offered for CEUS through RID’s ACET program.  (For certified members in the CMP program, this is not an opportunity for you to earn CEUs as the focus of the Journey track is for novice interpreters working toward certification.)

RID CEUs are sponsored by the St. Catherine University, an approved RID sponsor for continuing education activities. This activity has been approved for .8 CEUs in professional studies and assumes some knowledge content.

Join the Canvas Course

To join the free Body Language: No More Digestive Distress, click the button below or this link:

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