In this video, Naomi Sheneman interviews Trenton Marsh about his Acculturation Gap Model and addresses the following issues:

  • Explanation of the model – 0:05
  • How does some deaf people not wanting an interpreter for the dentist fit with the model – 7:07
  • How to challenge the mindset that only some deaf people might benefit from deaf interpreters – 14:29
  • Exploring the idea that deaf interpreters are more addressing culture than language – 24:35
  • Addressing how some hearing interpreters are threatened by deaf interpreters or see them as a savior – 30:10
  • How to balance the needs of hearing interpreters while meeting the needs of the deaf people you are working with – 33:09
  • Any stories to illustrate the acculturation gap model? – 37:10
  • What was the inspiration for the chart and model? – 42:49
  • Suggestions for transforming the paradigm about DIs from focused on language to looking more at culture – 45:10
  • How much cultural mediation is appropriate? – 54:45
  • Any final thoughts? – 58:27

Video Length: 60 minutes

Title Screen: grey background with the title “The Acculturation Gap Model:  A conversation with Trenton Marsh and Naomi Sheneman.”  Naomi Sheneman appears first.  She presents as a white woman with long brown hair and is wearing a dark red shirt with a white scarf.  Trenton Marsh presents as a white man who is bald with a goatee.  He is wearing a short-sleeve blue shirt and is sitting in front of a beige wall.


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