CATIE Center Logo with the words St. Catherine University | CATIE Center | Graduation to CertificationMoving On:  Shareable Resources from the Graduation to Certification Program

  • Dates: June 18 – 25
  • Location: Online – Canvas Learning Management System
  • Cost: Free
  • Target Audience:  people involved in interpreter education, including teaching in an ASL and interpreting program, coaching, mentoring, and providing community workshops.
  • Facilitators: LaTanya Jones, Naomi Sheneman, Doug Bowen-Bailey & Jenny Smith
  • Registration limit: 50 people.

Workshop Description:

Are you an interpreter educator who works in an interpreter education program.  or one who supports interpreters after they graduate and are working toward certification?  Whether you are one, the other, or both, you are invited to join the CATIE Center’s Graduation to Certification program and explore some of the resources we have developed to support novice interpreters.

This online workshop will introduce a variety of resources and educational approaches that we are piloting with novice interpreters in what we are calling the GTC Journey Track as we support them on their path from graduation to certification.  You will have a chance to explore the resources and think about how you can incorporate them into your educational practice – whether that is in a classroom, online, in workshops, or in mentoring relationships.

Resources addressed will include:

  • An online, self-paced course on Effective Learning and Practice that can be used independently or  incorporated into an interpreter education program.
    Panel of three images with Eileen Forestal on the left, Peter Brown in the Center, and Janis Cole on the right. Image descriptions at bottom of page.

  • A Scavenger Hunt through the GTC Resource Library with openly-accessible videos and activities, featuring diverse signers that are searchable by specific competencies addressed.  These are available for independent or classroom use.
    A treasure map with browned edges is help by three hands with fingers pointing at locations on the map.
  • A course on Body Language: Talking about the Cardiovascular System in ASL (featuring Nigel Howard)
    Four images shown with links underneath them from Body Language course home page
  • A process for developing an Individual Development Plan using Stimulated Recall for assessment
    Example of Assessments in GoReact with comments in ALL CAPS that are focused on assessing the interpretation.

The workshop will be asynchronous with two optional opportunities for face to face meeting via Zoom.

Workshop Objectives:

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • List at least new five resources for supporting students and novice interpreters.
  • Define deliberate practice, interleaving, and low-stakes retrieval.
  • Incorporate at least three new resources into teaching or mentoring practice.

Continuing Education Credit

The workshop will be available for .6 CEUs of credit.  To earn the credit, you will be required to:

  • View the materials and participate in discussion boards regarding their use.
    • For each discussion board, you will need to create one substantive original post and respond to two other people’s posts.
  • Post a reflection at the end of the course sharing your thoughts on how the GTC resources can be improved as well as how you see integrating the resources into your own teaching and practice.
  • All reflections can be either in written English or ASL video.

St. Catherine University is a RID-approved CMP sponsor. This online workshop is approved for .6 professional studies CEUs.


Thank you to all who have registered.  We have reached the limit of what we can accommodate in this session. We look forward to providing future offerings that highlight more of what the CATIE Center is developing to support novice interpreters.

If you are interested in seeing resources for yourself, please consider registering for the GTC Journey track to see them as they are released.