In this video, Naomi Sheneman interviews Trenton Marsh about a term for deaf-hearing interpreting teams and what might be more effective. In their conversation, they touch on:

  • Different approaches to talking about deaf – hearing team – 0:05
  • Techniques for overcoming organizational resistance to hiring deaf-hearing teams – 4:49
  • Anything more to add? – 7:27
  • Wrapping up – 9:06

Clicking on the time codes will open up the YouTube video at that particular section.

Video Length: 9:45

Title Screen: grey background with the title “Tandem: An effective term for a deaf- hearing team.   A conversation with Trenton Marsh and Naomi Sheneman.”  Naomi Sheneman appears first.  She presents as a white woman with long brown hair and is wearing a dark red shirt with a white scarf.  Trenton Marsh presents as a white man who is bald with a goatee.  He is wearing a short-sleeve blue shirt and is sitting in front of a beige wall.


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