Free Body Language Course on the Digestive System

Screen shot of home page for module - with images of healthcare lattice, stomach, colon, and digestive systemBody language is a critical skill when it comes to communicating in almost any language.  For novice interpreters, the CATIE Center is excited to offer a GTC Journey Track version of a course designed for you to take your skills to the […]

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Practicing Constructed Action through Construction Tips

View looks up through steel girders of a building under construction to blue sky

Practice your use of constructed action and classifiers in this activity. Lurendran explains some tips for lifting heavy objects he learned while working construction.

You will start with a written summary of his text, create an ASL version of that, then view his original text and incorporate his descriptions […]

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Mac or PC?/¿Mac o PC?

Samond compares and contrasts the benefits of choosing a Mac or Windows-based PC for your computing needs.

Translations/summaries are available below in both Spanish and English. These are designed as resources for working with the text in ASL. They are not intended to represent a definitive way to translate the text.

Visual Description

An Asian-American man wearing glasses and a black polo short-sleeve shirt is shown […]

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