Interactive Interpreting Practice Library Playlists

These videos were originally Zoom conversation practice sessions for interpreters. They were re-edited and re-purposed to become more generic interactive practice sessions.

Several of the participants developed longer-term relationships over a series of videos. For those that had more than 3 conversations, we built a playlist, so that interpreters seeking practice can see how intimacy develops over time between two individuals.

At the bottom is a link to the search page, where all conversations can be searched based on keywords or participants.

Daniel and Henry

Daniel may be recognizable to some people as Leo from the movie “Coda”. He hails from Duluth, Minnesota.

Henry L. Banks is well-known for his work in the NAACP in Minnesota.

These two were introduced through the CATIE Center. Their early conversations are very different in tone than their later conversations, as trust and intimacy developed.

Youtube playlist: