Dr. Naomi Sheneman facilitated a conversation with Dr. Raychelle Harris and Benj Swindle about the process of translating an English article for the Journal of American Sign Languages & Literatures (JASLL.) You can view the conversation above. You can also review the source text and translations below.

Visual Description

The video above features three individuals having a conversation on Zoom.  In the beginning and end, all three are shown on the screen at the same time.  During the conversation, the image alternates between full screen versions of the following individuals.

Naomi Sheneman is a white woman wearing a purple sweater with a grey scarf wrapped around her neck.  She has dark shoulder-length hair that reaches her shoulder and is sitting in front of a black background.

Benj Swindle is a white man who is sitting on a tan couch in front of a blue wall.  He is wearing a hat, glasses and a black button-down shirt and has an auburn mustache and beard.

Raychelle Harris is a white woman who is sitting in front of a blue wall.  A filing cabinet is visible on her left.  She is wearing a black shirt and her brown hair is long and straight.

Dick, Ehrenberg, Shim and Silvestri. (2018). Universal Design for Music: Exploring the Intersection of Deaf Education and Music Education. Journal of American Sign Languages and Literatures.

View the text on JASLL.

Naomi Sheneman and Benj Swindle in collaboration with Raychelle Harris both created translations for the text.  They discuss their different approaches in the video conversations.  Check out the translations here.

Benj’s Translation

Naomi’s Translation

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