On left side of screen, title slide for "Interpreting Meaning: Part 3" On right side of screen, a white woman with long brown hair stands clasping her hands below her chin.In 2011, Dr. Miako Rankin presented on the topic of “Interpreting Meaning” as part of Gallaudet University Regional Interpreter Education Center’s “Moving Onward, Upward, and Beyond. Professional Development Series.

The lecture is broken up into three segments which you can access below in the toggles.

Part 1 Objectives

  • Explain the relationship between form & meaning at multiple linguistic levels
  • Provide examples of how changes in form are linked to changes in meaning
  • Provide examples of how changes in form are linked to changes in meaning
  • Describe the goal of communication and the impact of linguistic packaging

Part 2 Objectives

  • Identify aspects of the translation process impacted by form and by meaning
  • Provide rationale for considering form/meaning relationships in translation decisions
  • Analyze source and target texts to determine form/meaning based “sticking points”

Part 3 Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of strategies for handling passive structures when translating English texts into ASL
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of various impersonalization strategies when translating ASL texts into English
  • Describe how the intended meaning encoded in a source text can be compared/contrasted with the meaning expressed in the target text

Visual Description

The three videos are all created using the program Echo.org which allows showing both a video stream and presentation slides.

In the video stream on the right side of the screen, Miako Rankin stands in front of a tan wall making her presentation.  She is a white woman wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt with long wavy brown hair that goes down past her shoulders on each side.

The slides show up the left side of the screen.

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