Jessalyn explains a process for using breathing as a way for self-care.

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Visual Description

A white woman with blonde hair pulled back wears a black shirt and sits in front of a grey screen. A white CATIE Center logo is in the lower right corner of the screen. The woman narrates the entire video in American Sign Language.

This is self-care breathing.
I will offer you two different options you can try. The first is a 5 part/4 part breathing technique. And the other involves just regular breathing. Both are beneficial, and can help you reduce your stress when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you just need some time to collect yourself and feel peace.
Please join me for the first exercise. I will demonstrate what it looks like.
Place your hand on your belly and breathe in through your nose, as you do so, feel your belly expand. Breathe in 5 times. And as you are exhaling, you will feel your belly contract. Please join me and will do it together. In through the nose five times, feeling your belly expand, then hold that breath a moment, and release with four breaths.
Let’s try again. Some of you may feel that a 5/4 count is too much, and that’s alright. You can reduce it to 4/3 or 3/2; whatever works best for you.
The other strategy is using regular breathing just to help you feel more grounded. This method uses more equally timed breathing. You will inhale through the nose to a count of 5,then hold your breath for another 5 count, and exhale to a count of 5. And again, if that number is too long for you, you can adjust to accommodate your needs.
Let’s try it together, on a 5 count. If it helps, we can try it together again, this time on a 3 count. I would suggest you repeat this pattern two, three, or four times. Do whatever feels best for you, and helps you relax and feel calm.

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