Jessalyn explains a process for using breathing as a way for self-care.

A translation is available below in English. It is designed as a resource for working with the text in ASL. It is not intended to represent a definitive way to translate the text.

Visual Description

A white woman with blonde hair pulled back wears a black shirt and sits in front of a grey screen. A white CATIE Center logo is in the lower right corner of the screen. The woman narrates the entire video in American Sign Language.

This is a self-care guided visualization and meditation. I welcome you to join me, go ahead and take seat or stand if that is more comfortable. Place your feet flat on the floor, and feel grounded. I want you to feel comfortable, so if you’d like to take your shoes off, go ahead.
Your hands may rest flat on your lap or on your chest, again whatever is most comfortable for you. The point of this is to help us discover ways to find peace and calm, and quiet those racing thoughts in your mind. This will help you find peaceful, quiet introspection. It’s valuable for our mind, body, and heart.
I invite you to imagine yourself taking a walk with me. I know that some of you may be accustomed to closing your eyes during visualization,
but don’t worry. I will give you some time for that.
So imagine we are walking through a green, tree lined path. See the trees around you. I invite you to breathe in through your nose and feel the fresh air,
and exhale through your mouth. Let’s continue walking.
Feel the sunlight, allow it to warm your heart. And all of those thoughts in your mind–
I invite you to let them go with each breath.
In through the nose, and out through the mouth.
Now, feel the cool breeze. Let’s walk, and continue to breathe. Come join me and take a seat.
As you breathe in through your nose, lift your shoulders, and as you breathe out, feel your shoulders release.
Think of a rolling sea.
Find that same calmness within yourself. Focus on your energy inward, to your heart, and your breath.
Go ahead and close your eyes and count to five.
While doing so, pay attention to your breath and the beat of your heart.
Now it’s your time. I give you this space to continue breathing in and out.
Do what is called a “body scan”: Look inside and center yourself.
Breathe, as you let go of any tensions. I encourage you to keep it up, for another 3-5 minutes if you can.
Continue to focus your energy inward, to get what you need.
And allow nature to help you find some inner peace.

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