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Time: 17:15

Discussion Partners: Swanhilda and Peter

Video Description

Swanhilda and Peter discuss their family histories as well as the language used growing up. Swanhilda shares some information about her Deaf family and American Sign Language; Peter shares stories of his parents’ immigration to the United States from Vietnam and shares information about the Vietnamese language. Both have lived in different communities across the United States.

Reviewer Notes

  • This is an excellent interpreting stimulus tape geared to advanced IEP students or recent graduates that requires much expansion of terms as well as spatial representation of both physical location and juxtaposition of oppositions in the discourse. Decision making is also required to handle cultural adjustments, particularly in “in group” terms within Deaf culture (coda, sim-com, etc.). There are visually underspecified representations (like items labeled throughout the house) that require the interpreter to fill in the gaps not specified in the text.
  • While this video discusses some topics that are common and comfortable for most native English speakers, there is also a great deal of expansion needed, which may feel uncomfortable to novice interpreters but is necessary in order to effectively interpret this conversation. Being creative with ASL and understanding intent behind a signer’s signs are the best way to engage in this material.

Download Files

Click here for a Zip folder containing .mp4 video, SRT caption file and PDF of video description and reviewer notes.

About this Video

The interactive videos in this series were created in partnership during the Graduation to Certification program through a collaboration between the CATIE Center and the Duluth Branch of the NAACP. These unscripted conversations were interpreted by novice interpreters in the GTC program and the video was edited to the best of our ability to remove the interpretation to create practice material. There may be some legacies of the original interpretation such as repetition due to the original interpreter asking for clarification or sometimes all of the interpretation may not be edited out due to overlapping communication.