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Time: 31:29

Discussion Partners: Daniel and Henry

Video Description

This conversation between Daniel and Henry touches on being deaf in Duluth, getting access to health care systems, and what it is like for people of African heritage in Duluth. They also discuss the legacies of lynchings and the national memorial in Montgomery, AL as well as the Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial in Duluth, MN.

Reviewer Notes

  • The Signer’s video quality does go in and out in relation to brightness, and there are more pauses in this video than usual. Those minor notes aside, this material is very beneficial to use context we already know and create a coherent statement in English from watching and interpreting from ASL.
  • This is an excellent interchange between Daniel and Henry that covers a variety of topics involving both the African heritage and the Deaf community. There is also a rich narrative by Henry about historical events involving lynchings in both Montgomery and Duluth. There was an interesting interchange where Daniel misunderstands Henry’s comment about the 23% unemployment rate among POC before COVID and the drop that has to have occurred after. When Daniel misses that implication and assumes things will go back to “normal” once COVID subsides, Henry needs to clarify. The essence of this point echos the song lyrics Stephan recites in scenario #2, so makes a nice companion to it. Note also that the 1920 lynching of three Black men accused of rape is more fully laid out in Scenario #7 and should probably be sequenced before this Scenario.
  • This material is a wonderful interpretation when working on types of interpreting assignments we might unexpectedly run into and need to interpret heavy emotional content in a casual and serious way. When civil rights and this type of discussion occurs in the interpreting world, it is important to be prepared.

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About this Video

The interactive videos in this series were created in partnership during the Graduation to Certification program through a collaboration between the CATIE Center and the Duluth Branch of the NAACP. These unscripted conversations were interpreted by novice interpreters in the GTC program and the video was edited to the best of our ability to remove the interpretation to create practice material. There may be some legacies of the original interpretation such as repetition due to the original interpreter asking for clarification or sometimes all of the interpretation may not be edited out due to overlapping communication.