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Time: 14:40

Discussion Partners: Daniel and Stephan

Video Description

This video was filmed in summer of 2020 and includes Daniel and Stephan, two people based in Duluth, Minnesota discussing art. Daniel asks Stephan about his experience with painting and the artwork that he creates. The discussion includes references to the events of that summer including the killing of George Floyd and COVID-19.

Reviewer Notes

  • This scenario is well paced. There is some difficulty when Stephan attempts to share images of some of his paintings. An interesting challenge occurs when Stephan cites the lyrics to one of his songs. There is an interesting range of challenges (describing art (e.g. abstract, loud colors, and interpreting frozen lyrics).
  • Highly usable. There is an interesting interrelation between this scenario (#2) and scenario (#5) Duluth Potpourri: parallel between one line is Stephan’s lyric (“The rich would feel what the poor feel before and after the storm”) and the discussion here about unemployment rates for POC before and after COVID.
  • This is a very nice, tight scenario that could be used at many levels of interpreting. There is discussion by the artist of his own abstract art and his music lyrics. There are some attempts to show photos of artwork from a phone that are a bit awkward but suffice to get the point across.

Download Files

Click here for a Zip folder containing .mp4 video, SRT caption file and PDF of video description and reviewer notes.

About this Video

The interactive videos in this series were created in partnership during the Graduation to Certification program through a collaboration between the CATIE Center and the Duluth Branch of the NAACP. These unscripted conversations were interpreted by novice interpreters in the GTC program and the video was edited to the best of our ability to remove the interpretation to create practice material. There may be some legacies of the original interpretation such as repetition due to the original interpreter asking for clarification or sometimes all of the interpretation may not be edited out due to overlapping communication.