Extralinguistic Knowledge for Deaf Interpreters

What Next?

Naomi Sheneman explains the concept of extralinguistic knowledge (ELK) and how Deaf interpreters need to take that into account in their interpreting work as well recognize the unique ELK that they bring to situations based on their experiences as Deaf people.


Beldon, J., Forestal, E., Garcia, L., Peterson, D. (2009, August). NCIEC deaf interpreting initiative.  Paper presented at RID Deaf Caucus, […]

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A CDI’s perpsective on the Open Process model

Arkady Belozovsky, CDI, shares a perspective on the way that an open process teaming model has the potential to benefit everyone involved in an interpreted situation.

What Next?

Naomi Sheneman explains how interpreters, especially Deaf interpreters, can put the ideas about the open process into practice.

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Facebook Group for CDIs

Word cloud with terms related to certified deaf interpretingOne of the aspects of the Graduation to Certification program is fostering a community of practice.  For Deaf Interpreters, one opportunity for such a community of practice is a Facebook group related to CDIs and Deaf interpreting.

If you are looking for more resources on Deaf interpreting than you find here […]

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Understanding and Reducing Horizontal Violence

An explanation of Horizontal Violence and how it can be avoided.

Naomi Sheneman, a white woman with dark brown hair wearing a black long sleeve shirt, stands in front of a grey background.  The CATIE Center logo is in the right lower hand corner of the video.
A sample debrief showing how dialogue about interpreting work can avoid […]

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The Acculturation Gap Model

In this video, Naomi Sheneman interviews Trenton Marsh about his Acculturation Gap Model and addresses the following issues:

  • Explanation of the model – 0:05
  • How does some deaf people not wanting an interpreter for the dentist fit with the model – 7:07
  • How to challenge the mindset that only some deaf people might benefit […]
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