A black man with a brown beard and blond hair wearing a green button down shirt signs. Across the screen reads Unfolding Scenario 2: Medical Setting - Decision PointsFrom Northeastern University’s Center for Atypical Language Interpreting (CALI):

Unfolding Scenarios consists of 12 interpreting scenarios, five structured from the perspective of a Deaf interpreter (DI) and seven from the perspective of a hearing interpreter. Each scenario includes five to seven decision points where the interpreter must decide how to proceed.

In addition to the 12 stand-alone scenarios, four of the scenarios include additional video footage presenting sample interpreter responses and reflections (Scenarios 1, 2, 7, and 12). Two interpreters, one Deaf and one hearing, respond to each of the decision points followed by a discussion where they reflect on their decision-making process. These four videos provide an example of how students and practitioners can engage with the Unfolding Scenarios to practice the application of critical thinking and ethical reasoning.