National Multicultural Interpreter Project (2000). Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Series: Mexican American and Mexican National Deaf Language Samples T

ape 1 [Videotape]. El Paso, TX: El Paso Community College. (TRT: 37:00) ASL only Language Samples.

These are biographical anecdotes divided into shorter narrative segments from a Mexican National and Mexican American experience. Segments included are:

  • “Interpreting in the Family” by Pauline Arroyos (TRT 8.15)
  • “Why I Became an Intermediary Interpreter” by Pauline Arroyos (TRT 5.33)
  • “My School Experiences” by Raul Luna (TRT 5.35)
  • “Communicating Within My Family and Our Community” by Raul Luna (TRT 5.12)
  • “Eye Surgery” by Sofia Baca (TRT 7.35)

The tape can be used for ASL to English interpreting and for multicultural discussions including the need for Deaf interpreters. These samples are in ASL only.

This video was developed as part of the National Multicultural Interpreter Project:

National Multicultural Interpreter Project to Address the Needs of Culturally Diverse Communities
U.S. Department of Education Grant H160c50004
A Curriculum for Enhancing Interpreter Competencies for Working within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities
Project Years 1996 – 2000
U.S. Department of Education OSERS Grant H160c50004

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The complete curriculum is available here.