National Multicultural Interpreter Project (2000). Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Series: Mexican Geographical Signs with Victor Manuel Palma, LSM Language model. [Videotape]. El Paso, TX: El Paso Community College. (TRT: 12.30)

Mexican Sign Language -Lenguaje de Señas Mexicano LSM signs only. This is a signed demonstration of the states and capitol cities of Mexico. A listing of the states and capitols is provided.

This video was developed as part of the National Multicultural Interpreter Project:

National Multicultural Interpreter Project to Address the Needs of Culturally Diverse Communities
U.S. Department of Education Grant H160c50004
A Curriculum for Enhancing Interpreter Competencies for Working within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities
Project Years 1996 – 2000
U.S. Department of Education OSERS Grant H160c50004

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The complete curriculum is available here.