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This post has a link for three episodes on exercise from Life Kit, a series by National Public Radio.  NPR describes the series this way:

Tools to help you get it together.

NPR’s family of podcasts for navigating your life — everything from your finances to diet and exercise to raising your kids.

To see the entire series, visit the NPR website.


To identify personal finance strategies to get and stay out of debt

Time Required for Activity: 20 minutes


Interpreters will:

  1. Listen to and/or read transcript of podcast on strategies for getting out of debt
  2. Reflect on how information impacts your life and your work as an interpreter

Step One: Select an Episode

This Life Kit series has three episodes that provide evidence-based approaches for getting and staying out of debt.  Choose one of these episodes:

You can select any one of these to start.  You don’t need to go in any particular order. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript for advice on exercising.


Reflect on what you learned from the episodes.

  • Are there strategies that you can use in your own life?
  • How does understanding more about personal finance prepare you for interpreting?