Developed by Shanna Grossinger

Time Required for Activity:  30 mins

Competencies Address: discourse mapping, use of space, ASL Grammar


Participants will:

  • identify discourse markers and use of space in an ASL lecture

Step One: NAME

Prediction: Practice explaining what advocacy means to you in ASL. Think about what you already know about discourse markers and how you structure your ASL. We suggest recording yourself to be able to use for comparison later on in the process. Record no more than 5 minutes.

Watch the Video:

Watch the beginning of the video (00:30-4:30) and identify as many discourse markers and space items as you can. Turn off sound and captions so you are relying only on your own skills, rather than relying on the voice interpretation or captions.

Make a list of discourse markers you identify. In the next step, you will see examples that you can compare with what you found

Step Two: Check Your Work

Here are four examples from the first five minutes of the video that you have watched.

Bonus Examples from the Rest of the Video

Step Three: Watch Video Again

Watch the video again and see if you notice discourse markers more readily and see how the signer users space.  

For optimal learning and retention, allow for at least 24-48 hours between steps to provide desirable difficulty.