Developed by Shanna Grossinger

Time Required for Activity:  10 mins

Competencies Address: ASL Grammar, Reception: ASL Lexicon


Learners will:

  • Analyze the use of facial expression and non-manual signals

In this video, Laurene Simms talks about making a difference in a child’s life even though you think you may not be having an impact.

Step One: Predict & Watch

Prediction: This video is designed to inspire people to consider being a teacher. Make predictions about what type of facial expression and non-manual signals (NMS) might be used in such a text.

Watch the Video:

As you start the video, be sure to turn the captions off so you can focus solely on the use of ASL.

Make a list of facial expression and NMS you noted in the text.

Step Two: Check Your Work

Here are three examples from the video.

Step Three: Shadow the Video

Watch the video again and and sign along with Laurene.  Focus in on her facial expression and try to copy how she uses non-manual signals to help increase the clarity and impact of her message.

For optimal learning and retention, allow for at least 24-48 hours between steps to provide desirable difficulty.