Developed by Shanna Grossinger

Time Required for Activity:  60 mins

Competencies Address: Semantic equivalence, Reception: ASL Discourse; Interpreting: ASL to English


Participants will:

  • Analyze and compare the equivalency between ASL and English in a TEDx Talk on the fallacy of seeing being Deaf as a burden on society.

Step One: NAME

Prediction:  You will read the transcript first and actively think about how it would look like in ASL.

We suggest recording yourself signing aloud from transcript to compare with the presenter when you watch the video later.

Step Two: Watch the Original Presentation

You will watch carefully the whole presentation in which Wanda Riddle discusses the fallacy of Deaf as economic burden. Turn off the subtitles and English interpretation so you can focus on how she uses ASL and the content of the message itself.

Think about how you originally interpreted the transcript of the English interpretation. What was different in your work compared to the original presentation?

Step Three: Watch Video Again

Analyze presenter’s ASL while reading the subtitles. Make sure you pause the video from time to time to allow your mind to process the message equivalency.

For optimal learning and retention, allow for at least 24-48 hours between steps to provide desirable difficulty.