GTC Consortium Roundtable Attendees

  1. Christine Monikowski, Just retired from National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)/Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); Interpreter educator (New York)
  2. Elizabeth Winston, Director, Project TIEM (Colorado)
  3. Suzanne Ehrlich, University of North Florida
  4. Leslie Greer, CIT President (California)
  5. Lisa Bolding Ballenger, Interpretek (Missouri/Kansas)
  6. Jenn Maloney, Partners Interpreting (Massachusetts)
  7. Lance Pickett, StreetLeverage (Utah)
  8. Carole Lazorisak, CIT Director of Professional Development (Florida)
  9. Brandon Arthur, StreetLeverage (Georgia)
  10. Roberto […]
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Information for Consortium Roundtable

GTC Consortium Roundtable

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Below are some images from December 1-2, 2017 gathering in Salt Lake City, UT.  Thanks to Bill Millios for sharing his photography skills.

You might need to refresh your slides often. As we will be updating the presentation throughout the day.

Peter Brown’s slides will be included as PDFs later […]

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