Immersion Events for Novice Interpreters

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Immersive learning experiences for novice interpreters provide opportunities for authentic, deliberate, and reflective practice. This resource from the Graduation to Certification (GTC) project from the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is divided in two parts.  The first section focuses on information for people planning an immersion. It gives some of the evidence behind why […]

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Effective Learning and Practice

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These online modules contain videos and activities to support novice interpreters in understanding effective strategies for learning and practice.  The course introduces the concept of deliberate practice and how important it is for interpreters. Information and activities about deliberate practice is mixed in with information from Peter Brown, author of Make it Stick: […]

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Activities for Resilience and Reflection

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In supporting participants in the GTC cohort, the CATIE Center created weekly activities which included those focused on building novice interpreters’ ability to maintain composure during interpreting as well as to be more reflective in their practice.  This module is a collection of those activities that can be incorporated into other learning experiences.  

This […]

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GTC Individual Development Planning Resources

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This resource contains different versions of an Individual Development planning process for novice ASL-English interpreters to create a plan for their own professional development as part of the Graduation to Certification project.  There are also explanations in both English and ASL for how the process works.  The documents are available in a variety of forms […]

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Moving On: Shareable GTC Resources

Photo of drop in water with ripple with the words Moving OnIn June of 2019, the CATIE Center hosted an online course for interpreter educators to introduce a number of our free and shareable resources from the Graduation to Certification program.  We are making that course available as an archive for free access.

You can see resources on:

  • The science […]
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Interpreting Models: A Historical Overview

Naomi Sheneman provides a historical overview of interpreting models, an introduction to the idea of interpreting roles and how that can be problematic.

Title Screen: grey background with the title “Interpreting Models by Naomi Sheneman, Ph.D. & CDI”  Naomi appears as a white woman with long black hair.  She is wearing a black sweater and necklace with purple beads and stands in front of […]

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A DI Perspective on The Cokely Model

Jimmy Beldon explains about the Cokely model and how understanding it can be beneficial for deaf interpreters.

Title Screen: grey background with the title “The Cokely Model for Deaf Interpreters by Jimmy Beldon.”  Jimmy Beldon stands in front of a dark grey background.  He is a white man with blond-grey hair parted in the middle wearing black glasses with a goatee.  He is wearing […]

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Practicing the Gish approach

Jerrin George explains how to do an activity practicing the Gish approach to information as his explanation of the Gish Model. If you have not seen that video, please click here.

The steps to the video are listed below in the toggles.

Jerrin George, a brown man with black short hair, beard, and a moustache, sits in front of a dark purple wall, wearing […]

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