Self-Check for Effective Practice

This tool is intended to help you assess areas of strength and areas for improvement, with reference to skill-development-focused interpreting practice.

Read each statement below and indicate the extent to which it describes you by selecting the appropriate response. Click submit to view the results.

Optional... will be used if people want to have their report sent to them via email.
1. I enjoy engaging in practice activities related to improving my interpreting skills.
2. I involve family/friends/classmates in my interpreting practice sessions.
3. Practicing is important, but I can never find enough time for it.
4. I have trouble selecting materials to use while practicing.
5. I regularly review my recorded performances from my practice sessions.
6. I am not sure what to focus on when I practice.
7. I feel that practicing is not a good use of my time.
8. I am confident that I can set good/appropriate goals for my practice sessions.
9. I have a hard time getting started with practicing.
10. When I review recordings of my work, I am able to confidently identify both points of strength and areas for improvement.
11. I get discouraged because the material I practice with is too difficult for me or doesn’t align well with the goals I am working on.
12. I view practice as an opportunity to stretch my skills and grow.
13. I am comfortable with practicing in front of others (or sharing my recorded practices with others) in order to get feedback.
14. I avoid practicing whenever possible.
15. I am confident about my ability to set goals for myself when I practice.
16. I choose practice materials from just a few sources.
17. I feel like the reason I need so much practice is that I am not a good interpreter.
18. Practice time fits well into my regular routine.
19. I have difficulty with making use of insights and suggestions from others’ feedback on my interpreting work.
20. The materials I use for practice meet my needs.
21. Sometimes I am not sure how to make good use of my practice time.
22. Practicing interpreting makes me feel positive emotions (e.g., pride, accomplishment, motivation).
23. I spend sufficient time practicing interpreting.