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Time: 16:22

Discussion Partners: Jenny and Patty

Video Description

Jenny and Patty discuss various aspects of women’s health.

Reviewer Notes

  • Students can practice interpreting about the experience of eating healthy, menopause, and common bodily changes brought on by aging.
  • This is a very entertaining and natural, yet challenging, interchange between a woman about to turn 30 and another having experienced menopause. There are many opportunities for body description, medical terms, turn taking, backchanneling, questioning, affect marking, etc. It is a very rich scenario that will evoke dialogue regarding a host of interpreting decisions.
  • This video is more of a challenge, especially for newer interpreters, but is really great practice for less common topics that may be uncomfortable to interpret. This video talks about things like vaginal dryness and breast exams which provides great practice for newer interpreters to be comfortable with discomfort and work through it. If assigning this video to a student or recent graduate it should be prefaced as a challenge and potentially uncomfortable topics.

Download Files

Click here for a Zip folder containing .mp4 video, SRT caption file and PDF of video description and reviewer notes.

About this Video

The interactive videos in this series were created in partnership during the Graduation to Certification program through a collaboration between the CATIE Center and the Duluth Branch of the NAACP. These unscripted conversations were interpreted by novice interpreters in the GTC program and the video was edited to the best of our ability to remove the interpretation to create practice material. There may be some legacies of the original interpretation such as repetition due to the original interpreter asking for clarification or sometimes all of the interpretation may not be edited out due to overlapping communication.