Advice from WHO – Translation Practice for DIs

Translation Practice for Deaf Interpreters

This activity is designed for Deaf Interpreters to practice their translation skills.

Advice for the public: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Step 1:  Translate the Source Text

Create an ASL translation of the source text.  If possible, record your translation so you can review and reflect on your work.

Step 2: Assess and Reflect on your Work

Use the following […]

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A Conversation on Role-Space and Translation

Naomi Sheneman facilitates a conversation on the role-space model with Robert G. Lee and Eileen Forestal and its relevance for Deaf interpreters and translators.

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Fingerspelled Word Recognition for Interpreters – 1995

This video was originally created through the Department of Linguistics and Interpreting at Gallaudet University. “Interpreter Training for Deaf Individuals” CFDA. 84.160A, U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration. The CATIE Center is grateful to Dr. Carol Patrie for making it available for inclusion in the GTC Resource Library.

Although the contents of this video were developed under a grant from the Department of Education, […]

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ASL Monologues – 1990

The original video is available in its entirety. You can click below to see the individual ASL monologues without and with interpretation.

  • Deaf Julia Childs – 7:20
  • School Options for My Deaf Children – 15:30
  • Illiteracy – 14:15
  • Deaf Olympics – 13:20
  • Sociolinguistics of Deaf Senior Citizens –  8:20

This video was originally created through the Department of Linguistics and Interpreting at Gallaudet University. “Interpreter […]

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ASL Monologues – 1992

The above video is from the original VHS produced by Gallaudet University .  There is no interpretation with this video.    This video contains seven monologues:

  • Deaf Dropouts from Mainstream Programs – 18:30
  • Teaching English to Deaf Students – 4:30
  • Gallaudet’s Office of Student Life – 11:00
  • Biking Across America -11:00
  • A High School Experience with Outward Bound – 16:00
  • Extracurricular Support of Academics […]
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Practicing the Gish approach

Jerrin George explains how to do an activity practicing the Gish approach to information as his explanation of the Gish Model. If you have not seen that video, please click here.

The steps to the video are listed below in the toggles.

Jerrin George, a brown man with black short hair, beard, and a moustache, sits in front of a dark purple wall, wearing […]

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The Acculturation Gap Model

In this video, Naomi Sheneman interviews Trenton Marsh about his Acculturation Gap Model and addresses the following issues:

  • Explanation of the model – 0:05
  • How does some deaf people not wanting an interpreter for the dentist fit with the model – 7:07
  • How to challenge the mindset that only some deaf people might benefit […]
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Assessing Your Work for an Individual Development Plan

Example of Assessments in GoReact with comments in ALL CAPS that are focused on assessing the interpretation.


To assess your interpretation in order to provide more focused goals for your professional development plan.

Time Required for Activity: 15-30 mins


Interpreters will:

  1. Review an interpretation.
  2. Identify what key skills are present and/or lacking
  3. […]

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Fingerspelling Practice: Mac or PC?

A PC laptop sits on a white counter next to an iPad with headphones plugged into a phone

Practice your fingerspelled word recognition with this text comparing Macs and PCs for your computing needs.

This activity is designed in 3 parts.

Part 1:

Steps 1-2: 15 minutes

Part 2:

Steps 3-5: 30 minutes

Part 3:

Steps 6-7: 25 minutes

Working on the parts […]

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