GTC Supervisor Institute

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The Graduation to Certification Supervisor Institute was designed for supervisors working with novice interpreters in the GTC program. Using evidence-based learning principles from Make It Stick: The science of successful learning, the institute contains 11 modules focused on the following topics:  understanding the science of successful learning, Demand-Control Schema, Role-Space, Mentoring […]

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CDI Exam Preparation Modules

Description in ASL

The course focus is the CASLI Performance Exam for Deaf Interpreters and the Gap Test that will be required for those having completed the CDI Knowledge Exam before 2021. This course provides test preparation content in manageable and distinct sections, a total of seven modules. The overall goal of this training is to help you understand […]

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Immersion Events for Novice Interpreters

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Immersive learning experiences for novice interpreters provide opportunities for authentic, deliberate, and reflective practice. This resource from the Graduation to Certification (GTC) project from the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is divided in two parts.  The first section focuses on information for people planning an immersion. It gives some of the evidence behind why […]

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Effective Learning and Practice

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These online modules contain videos and activities to support novice interpreters in understanding effective strategies for learning and practice.  The course introduces the concept of deliberate practice and how important it is for interpreters. Information and activities about deliberate practice is mixed in with information from Peter Brown, author of Make it Stick: […]

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GTC Individual Development Planning Resources

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This resource contains different versions of an Individual Development planning process for novice ASL-English interpreters to create a plan for their own professional development as part of the Graduation to Certification project.  There are also explanations in both English and ASL for how the process works.  The documents are available in a variety of forms […]

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Facebook Group for CDIs

Word cloud with terms related to certified deaf interpretingOne of the aspects of the Graduation to Certification program is fostering a community of practice.  For Deaf Interpreters, one opportunity for such a community of practice is a Facebook group related to CDIs and Deaf interpreting.

If you are looking for more resources on Deaf interpreting than you find here […]

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S.M.A.R.T. Goal Generator

The word GOAL with the O as a target and a dart sticking in the middle of the O

This tool is designed to assist you in creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals that are:

  • Specific/Strategic
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant (or Results-bound)
  • Time-Bound

The form below guides you through a series of questions to help make sure your goal provides you the focus needed for success. Below […]

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