Two brown round rocks stacked on top of each otherActivity Summary: Interpreting is a process full of demands. Effectively managing stress is an importance skill for maintaining focus and composure. This activity is a series of practices you can use to develop your own mindfulness.

Developed by Doug Bowen-Bailey

Competencies Addressed:  Composure, Appearance & Health

Time Required for Activity: 5 – 20 mins


To maintain composure while interpreting.

 Read Article on  “6 Mindfulness Activities You Can Try Today”

This author is written by Alfred James.

Click here.  (Link opens in a new window.)

In the article, Alfred James describes 6 activities:

  1. Mindful breathing
  2. Mindful observation
  3. Mindful awareness
  4. Mindful listening
  5. Mindful immersion
  6. Mindful appreciation

Select one of these activities and practice it.  If you are interested in assessing its effectiveness, try taking your pulse before and after the activity.  See what difference you note in your physical, emotional, and mental states before and after as well.

Practicing these activities in non-stressful moments will allow you to draw on them during more stressful moments such as a challenging interpreting assignment.