Developed by Mark Halley

Competencies Addressed:  Other (Prediction skills)

Time Required for Activity: 15 mins

Objective: To consider the possible English translations of a number of signs in an ASL text.

In this video, AJ Williams provides an update about a community screening of “The Mask You Live In.”


You will watch a video in which AJ Williams provides an update about a community screening of “The Mask You Live In.” AJ works at Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS). You can also see a flyer for the movie screening below.


After seeing the flyer, consider what AJ might talk about in the video. You might also decide to do some research on the film and/or ADWAS. What topics might AJ discuss when announcing the public showing of the film? Also consider how these concepts might be expressed (e.g., Are there any particular terms that might be fingerspelled?).

Watch the Video

Watch the video in its entirety. Be sure you turn the captions off. Try to understand as much as you can the first time.

Check Your Work

Did you correctly predict many topics of discussion? Did your brainstorming help you to understand the video?

Watch the video again. If there is anything you do not understand, consider turning on the captions or reading the following video description provided by ADWAS:

Video description: AJ Williams- a black light skin male with brown curly hair, wearing a maroon buttoned shirt, signing in American Sign Language. Behind him is a white wall.)

Hi, my name is AJ Williams
I’m the Community Engagement Coordinator and Prevention Specialist here at ADWAS.
We’re thrilled to host this Film and Post-Screening panel.
This film is called “The Mask You Live In.”
The film shows different stories and experiences on how men navigate and struggle with their masculinity.
Some discussions will be related to toxic masculinity and some will be about their identities, internal turmoil, and coping skills while negotiating through the struggle with masculinity in general.
After the film we will have a panel with 5 people from the Deaf and DeafBlind communities.
When? September 7th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
The doors will open at 6:30pm, the film will begin at 7:00pm, and then the panel will start right after the film.
Where? At the Seattle Public Library, the Central Library! Here’s the address, 1000-4th Avenue, Seattle 98104.
DeafBlind interpreters will be provided there.
If you need other accommodations or accessibility needs, please let us know by emailing
This event is family friendly, free admission, and light refreshments will be provided.
Please come watch the film, participate in discussions and learn how we can promote healthy masculinity for our boys, men and general community.
This event is already posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Please check our Facebook event page and click that you are going.
Hope to see you there!

Shows flyer- a white poster with photos and text boxes. The top box has 6 pictures of boys of different races, and there is text covering two of the photos: “The Mask You Live In a film by Jennifer Siebel Newsom”
Under the 6 pictures is a yellow box with black text: “This critically acclaimed documentary follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity”
Underneath in a black box in white and yellow text:
Brought to you by Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services
Film Screening & Post-Screening Panel
Thursday September 7th, 2017
Door Opens at 6:30pm / Film begins at 7:00pm
Location: The Seattle Public Library- Central Library 1st Floor Microsoft Auditorium: 1000-4th Avenue, Seattle 98104
DeafBlind Interpreters provided- Feel free to contact for any accommodations
*Free Admission / Family Friendly / Refreshments Provided*
On the lower left corner of the poster is ADWAS’s logo- a blue hand with green letters a.d.w.a.s.

On left side of the flyer stats- Check out the event on our Facebook event page and click going!
We are also advertising this event on Twitter and Instagram.
On the right side of the flyer- there are logos of our social media platforms and tags: Facebook @ADWAServices, Twitter @adwas1986 and Instagram @adwas_seattle.