Developed by Mark Halley

Competencies Addressed:  Discourse Mapping

Time Required for Activity: 20 mins


To learn about Discourse Mapping from an English text.

In this video, a narrator attempts to debunk five common myths about mental illnesses.


You will watch a video in which a narrator challenges five common myths about mental illnesses. In the video, the narrator provides an argument for why each myth is inaccurate. Before watching the video, consider some myths you have heard about mental illness. Why are these myths untrue?

Watch the Video:  Watch the video in its entirety. After watching the video, create a discourse map.

Check Your Work

Here is a sample discourse map created by Mark Halley.

Discourse Map with title at top and five myths below with graphic representation of each point

Watch the Video Again:  Now that you have seen the video and the list of concepts that Dr. Bienvenu compared and contrasted using space, watch the video again to see if you missed any of these concepts. How does her use of space make the message coherent? If you were introducing yourself in ASL, how might you use your own signing space for similar purposes? Sketch out a brief introduction of yourself specifically focusing on your use of your own signing space to compare, contrast, and introduce concepts. Then practice introducing yourself in ASL while using space for these functions.