A treasure map with browned edges is help by three hands with fingers pointing at locations on the map.

What do the tablecloth trick, darts, moonwalking, YouTubers, and a comic version of social science research have to do with interpreting skill development?

The CATIE Center is excited to announce another module for the GTC Journey track that addresses all of these questions. We have created a Scavenger Hunt to engage you with the GTC Resource Library which will introduce you to resources as well as provide you a framework for understanding why it is critical to be active and focused in your practice.

We are continuing to add to this resource library which is a free source of videos and activities designed to support the development of specific skills.

Accessing the Scavenger Hunt

If you have already joined the Effective Learning & Practice course, you can simply click here. This is another module that was added in the same course.

If you haven’t joined that course yet, click here.

Learning and resources await.