Resources for Educators from the GTC Program

nterlocking C's with the words "CATIE Center" above "Graduation to Certification"The Graduation to Certification (GTC) program from the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is continuing to identify strategies and develop resources to support novice interpreters as they enter the field.  This article has the following:

  • Resources you can use and share with your students and novice interpreters you work with
  • […]

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GTC Presentations at 2019 RID Conference

At the 2019 RID Conference in Providence, RI, the CATIE Center and its partners provided a Graduation to Certification track for American Sign Language (ASL-English) interpreters who are working toward certification.

This page contains handouts and presentation slides for each workshop.

For more available resource, check out the following:

Emerging Practitioners: Preparing for the 2020 Exams

Guided Self-Assessment

Presentation by Holly Nelson, Marlee Dyce & […]

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Reflections on “Make It Stick”

Suzanne Ehrlich headshotby Suzanne Ehrlich, EdD
Assistant Professor, University of North Florida

English Reflection

Click on the toggle below to read Suzanne’s written reflection.

An English Reflection

Pedagogical strategies are abundant in today’s world, and knowing which are best applied becomes the greater challenge. When participating in the think tank and reviewing the […]

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“Make It Stick” Principles for Interpreter Education

More Principles from Make It Stick

In developing the Graduation to Certification program, we are using evidence-based principles from research about memory, learning and cognition.  The book, Make It Stick:  The Science of Successful Learninglays out this research.  Peter C. Brown, who is the principal author and is a consultant for our project, talked with Patricia Gordon who teaches at St. Catherine University.  Here are a series of […]

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