The Individualized Development Plan (IDP) is a program component that will be created between the interpreter and a member of our program team. The IDP will identify specific competency areas that the participant will need to work with that can then help direct which activities from the Resource/Activity Library will be most beneficial for professional development.

Content development will be coordinated by our Instructional Designer and is not a part of this RFP.  Activities will be created that can be categorized by competency area for entry to practice, the amount of time required to complete the activity, and the challenge level (introductory, intermediate, advanced).  For example, if an interpreter needs to work on “receptive fingerspelling comprehension” and has 30 minutes to do an activity at an intermediate level, we want them to be able to search the library and find a variety of options that provide support in that area. Again, the vendor is not responsible for the creation or categorization of activities, but providing an online framework within which those activities can be organized and tracked by the user.

Note that this was listed in our Wish List section and so we recognize that it might not be feasible within the parameters of this RFP’s work and budget, but we are interested in ideas that vendors may have.