Introducing the Graduation to Certification Program

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It is fall and a new academic year is underway.  May feels far off, but for the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University, we are focused on what comes after graduation for current IEP students.   With a five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), the CATIE Center is working to design, pilot and evaluate a graduation to certification (GTC)  model program based on evidence-based practices. A major goal is to demonstrate approaches that reduce the average time it takes IEP graduates who are ready to sit for the performance versions of the NIC or CDI tests. The RSA requires that the program be an experiential learning model that is accessible to individuals across the nation and to those with family/work responsibilities. Further, the program must include: at least 150 hours of interacting and learning with Deaf people in the community, a community of practice, and mentoring/coaching. We are also striving to increase the involvement of those from underrepresented groups i.e. communities of color, people speaking at least three languages, rural residents,  and Deaf people in interpreting programs at all levels – from students to mentors to educators.

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Evidence-Based Practices

Part of the CATIE Center’s development process for the Graduation to Certification program included an online Think Tank that explored the ideas from the book, Make It Stick:  The Science of Successful Learning by Peter Brown, Henry Roediger, and Mark McDaniel. As part of this newsletter, we have reflections from three of the Think Tank participants.

If you are interested in more information in Make It Stick, you can view excerpts of an interview with Peter Brown, as well as ASL translations by Janis Cole, on the Graduation to Certification website.

This was originally published in the CIT News.