ASL Assessment

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Reporting Your Scheduled Time

Information about the ASLA

What is ASL Assessment (ASLA)?

The American Sign Language assessment is a diagnostic feedback on a 25-minute video recorded conversation where both signers are chatting as if in a normal setting. The interviewer will be using a conversational technique that is structured yet natural. There will be a series of questions as the candidate is allowed to ask questions intended to facilitate spontaneity in language use and establish the candidate’s consistent functional ability. While maintaining the comfortable level of conversation, the interviewer will continue to seek the candidate’s best language examples of ability to handle various communication tasks.

Conversation, how does it work?

The conversation occurs online with two-way screens and it consists of four stages involving warm-up, level checks, probing, and wind down. In general, the entire conversation usually flows as follows:

  • Background information
  • Hobby/interest/activities, routines
  • Work, tasks, responsibilities
  • Hypothetical situations, opinions
  • Closure

Assessment report, what does it look like?

After the conversation, the assessor will review the entire conversation and provide an in-depth feedback across all categories: formation–articulation, vocabulary, grammar, delivery, and comprehension. The assessor will seek strengths and developmental aspects reported in statements with lay words of clear explanation to help with consideration and planning for specific goals in ASL acquisition. The report is thoroughly laid out in about 10 to 12 pages.

About Anne Marie Baer

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