National Multicultural Interpreter Project (2000). NMIP Recruitment Videotape [Videotape] . El Paso, TX: El Paso Community College. (TRT: 06.14 spoken English/ASL interpretation)

This is a sample recruitment videotape that depicts a need for diversity within the profession. It can be used as a promotional tool. A student recruitment manual and sample recruitment brochure are also available. Jeff Bowden is featured in the interpreted ASL translation.

This video was developed as part of the National Multicultural Interpreter Project:

National Multicultural Interpreter Project to Address the Needs of Culturally Diverse Communities
U.S. Department of Education Grant H160c50004
A Curriculum for Enhancing Interpreter Competencies for Working within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities
Project Years 1996 – 2000
U.S. Department of Education OSERS Grant H160c50004

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The complete curriculum is available here.