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Organization/Agency NameSorenson
Name of ProgramEmerald
Description of the Program

"Video Relay Service interpreting is a specialized type of interpreting requiring skills and knowledge above those learned in interpreting programs and community practice. Sorenson recognizes VRS (Video Relay Service) as an integral experience in the lives of Deaf people and understands that many times an interpreter’s first encounter with VRS is on-the-job. Our Emerald Program provides guided support in customer service, call interaction, clarification, and topical vocabulary to interpreters who are new to Sorenson VRS work.
Individuals who qualify for the Emerald Program experience our comprehensive New Hire Training and benefit from a wraparound paid training that includes mock interpreting practice, small group coaching in VRS specific skills, and an extended period of supported phone time. Emerald Program creates contextualized training for this unique setting through the inclusion of Deaf customers, seasoned VRS interpreters, and managers of VRS call centers. Sorenson is committed to ensuring our customers have a successful experience by investing in the interpreters doing this specialty work."

Target Audience for Program
  • Novice Interpreters (Induction/Onboarding)
Deadlines for Application

Application to Sorenson, Screening, Rolling admission, On-Demand

Duration of the Program

7 weeks

Type of Interpreting
  • Remote
What is the geographic area of your program?National
Detailed description of geographic area

US, Canada, multi state

Is there a fee for application, or for joining the program?No
Is there an opportunity for doing paid interpreting work in the program?Yes
Please describe the paid work that could be available.

More info to come

Website for Programultipro.com
Is mentoring available?Yes
Contact Person: Namen/a n/a
Contact Person: Phone #1(000) 000-0000
Contact Person: EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.