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Organization/Agency NameNovin
Name of ProgramNovin Bridge Program
Description of the Program

Novin Bridge program is a radical peer mentorship program aimed to support new and seasoned interpreters alike by shifting the traditional mentorship culture to a model that benefits both parties. It is 6 weeks in length, and can be entirely remote. Typically you work with one partner for the duration of the 6 weeks. We believe that with this framework, the unique skills and lived experience we all bring to our work can be leveraged to foster professional development and relationships!

Target Audience for Program
  • Student Interpreters (Internship/Practicum)
  • Novice Interpreters (Induction/Onboarding)
Deadlines for Application

We offer a few cycles a year. I believe our next one will be this October. there is no limit to the number of people who can apply.

Duration of the Program

6 weeks.

Type of Interpreting
  • In person/onsite
  • Remote
What is the geographic area of your program?National
Is there a fee for application, or for joining the program?No
Is there an opportunity for doing paid interpreting work in the program?No
Website for Programnovincommunity.org
Is mentoring available?Yes
Description of mentoring opportunities


Contact Person: NameLena Jenny
Contact Person: Phone #1(408) 771-5453
Contact Person: EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.