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Time: 19:26

Discussion Partners: Jenny and Patty

Video Description

Jenny and Patty reflect on the situation in Minneapolis, MN one month after the death of George Floyd. Patty lives just a few miles from where this took place. The conversation covers events that happened in 2020, starting with protests that occurred after George Floyd’s death, the BLM movement, political viewpoints, and cultural identity.

Reviewer Notes

  • This is a very natural conversation with a lot of back and forth. It was filmed a week after George Floyd’s death and refers to COVID briefly, but will remain relevant through time. The interpretation requires decisions and some expansions but it is definitely in the skill set of interpreting students in their final year and beginning interpreters.
  • This video is good practice for interpreting a topic that tends to have some controversy. The conversation leans more liberal and is great practice for matching affect. It is moderately paced and a good opportunity to back away from the source message and wait for a whole concept to emerge before completing the interpretation.

Download Files

Click here for a Zip folder containing .mp4 video, SRT caption file and PDF of video description and reviewer notes.

About this Video

The interactive videos in this series were created in partnership during the Graduation to Certification program through a collaboration between the CATIE Center and the Duluth Branch of the NAACP. These unscripted conversations were interpreted by novice interpreters in the GTC program and the video was edited to the best of our ability to remove the interpretation to create practice material. There may be some legacies of the original interpretation such as repetition due to the original interpreter asking for clarification or sometimes all of the interpretation may not be edited out due to overlapping communication.