Developed by Shanna Grossinger

Time Required for Activity:  20 mins

Competencies Address: 

  • Semantic equivalence
  • Interpreting: ASL to English
  • Interpreting: English to ASL
  • ASL lexicon


To practice semantic equivalence in a current events report


Participants will:

  • translate English sentences into ASL with conceptually accurate lexical choices
  • interpreting ASL text into English after practice with the text.

Step One: Prediction

This video is a report from “The Daily Moth” from Thursday, May 24, 2018.  It reports on the historic win of Stacey Abrams in the Democratic primary for the Governor’s race in Georgia.  Take a moment to do an internet search to learn about Ms. Abrams.

Then, predict what you think will be shared in this news report for deaf and ASL communities.

Step Two: Translate English Sentences

Here is the English transcript of the video.  Practice translating at the sentence level.  First read the sentence, then sign the sentence as best as you are able. After attempting it yourself, click on the sentence to see the excerpt from the video that corresponds to this part of the transcript.

Note: the grammatical structure of this video is affected by the signer reading from an English script. Pay attention to the discourse markers that the signer does use to help make the message clear.

Step Three: ASL to English

Review the video and then interpret all of it from ASL to English. Recheck for message equivalency.

If you want to do a similar process with another video from The Daily Moth, click here